Hello, we make services!

wemake.services is a group of technology evangelists and simply those who love to write beautiful code. We are dedicated to deliver products of high quality basing on best practices, broad experience and a good portion of common sense. We focus on large, both public-sector and commercial projects with complicated infrastructure, and we care about what we do.

We love Python and Elixir. We use JavaScript.

Repeatable Software Development Process

It is a home and the only source of truth for our Repeatable Software Development Process (also knows as RSDP).

Here we document every possible event and action in our company. You can have a look at how we work.

Project status

We try to update this wiki as frequently as we can. But that’s a lot of work to do! Consider this project and RSDP as early alpha. Please, feel free to open an issue about anything that confuses you.


All contents are licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0. Original license belongs to wemake.services company.

Read the limitations of this license before continuing.

I want to work with you!

Drop us a line: contact@wemake.services