Who we are looking for

  1. You have some open-source contribution we can take a look at.
  2. You are interested to work with us — keeping in mind the specificity of our work process that you’ve made yourself familiar with by reading the “Employees” part of the present handbook.

We are continuously open to hiring new software developers with expertise within our typical stack or close to it. So let’s venture!

Please note that if you seek the position in order to master your proficiency, this might probably be not the best opportunity for both of us as we don’t tend to devote much time to educate junior developers up to their good competence.

How to apply

Please fill out the form, and we will reach out soon (a week, normally).

You will need to attach a link to test finished test assignment in this form, please, read below.

Test assignment

A testing assignment is, unfortunately, the only way to test your skills. We are developers, we should not talk or make interviews. We should write code.


Although we believe that every single piece of work should be paid, we won’t pay you for this task. Count it as an investment in the future. To make it fair it is also an investment from our side since every submission would be reviewed and every person will receive a feedback.


Here’s a link to the test task. It looks just like any other tasks we will give you on a regular basis. But it’s scope is bigger than usual just in order to test your different skills. We try to make this task pretty easy, but it has some hidden pitfalls.

Make sure you don’t have any questions. If you do, please, freely ask them in a GitHub issue.