Have you ever been in a situation when your software project does not work and you don’t know why?

This happens because no one was actually reviewing what is happening. No one was informing business owners that code quality is low, architecture is falling apart and is not suited for any extensions.

The cheapest way to prevent problems is to prevent them as early as possible. That’s why we recommend you to do technical audits from the very first month when the project begins.

There are two types of audits we can help you with: business and technical.


We can do audits for:

  • python (almost everything)
  • javascript (node, vue, and react)
  • elixir (phoenix)

Audit for business

This audit is required when you as a business owner is not sure about how the project is doing. We will cover the most important things in a one-page review:

  1. Will your system allow further changes?
  2. Will you be able to easily change the team in case you will need to? And do you really need to change it?
  3. Is the code quality acceptable? It may contain things that will make it impossible to continue the development of this project
  4. Is it easier to rewrite everything from scratch? Sometimes it is, but often it is not

You are also free to ask your own questions if you have some specific problems. They will be answered!

Time and cost are fixed. It is a one day audit. It costs 50.000 rubles (click here to see the same in dollars).

Technical audit

This audit is required for the technical teams. They can learn a lot from it, or just fix some bugs they have not seen for some reason.

We only charge you for the found bugs. No bugs found == free audit.

How it works:

  1. You invite us to your project (GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket/etc)
  2. You allow us to create issues in your bug tracker
  3. We agree about what bug is
  4. We create as many bugs as we can in a single day

Why is it helpful? Because we are motivated to find many bugs. We charge for them. And you are interested in receiving as many quality bug reports as possible.

Why is it only one day? Because we don’t want your development process to be interrupted.

Time is fixed. It is a one day audit. Bug cost is also fixed. Each bug costs 1.000 rubles (click here to see the same in dollars).

So, the final price is: number_of_bugs * price_per_bug

Bug definition

  1. Bad design decisions
  2. Something is not clear from the docs and the code itself (readability issues)
  3. Coding style issues (if there is no coding style in the project, then we use our own)
  4. Not following best-practices (defined by the documentation or the community)
  5. General errors
  6. Not creating project’s issues properly